Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hong Kong Flower Show

When you live in a concrete jungle and love flowers you can find true joy at a flower show! The displays are all brought in and who knows what they do with it all after but it was fun to see. All the animals you see are made out of flowers. The flower stands along the sides had every imaginable flower and plant for sale. We were the happy purchasers of a few orchid plants, will see if we can keep them alive.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

RS March Party

Island II Branch had an uplifting hour and a half long RS program in the chapel with testimonies, talks and music. Then they moved into the cultural hall for their dinner.The RS Presidency decided they were ordering McDonald's. You can not imagine the joy of a bunch of sisters (domestic help 6 days a week) sitting down to an unset table, no cloth, no centerpiece, no cooking, thus NO WORK to enjoy their food, laughing and visiting together. Ingenious.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Different Adventure

Last week we were called into the Area President's office (you thought being called into the principles office was scarey)... just kidding, it really was not scarey at all. Elder Perkins is my age and a great guy. We kind of new what was coming when we got the phone call because our good friends the Normans had just been told that they should probably return home because of Sister Norman's health. Elder Norman was serving as the executive secretary to the Area Presidency and it is a position that really could not be vacant while they tried to replace them as this is at least a 3 month process. So they asked us to take a change of assignment and fill this position and try to help cover off our old position until they could replace us there. So although we will not be travelling anymore in our new assignment we will have the opportunity to work closely with the Area presidency. Although we are still trying to figure out exactly what we do one of our first assignments is to help organize Elder Nelson's and Elder Bednar's visits in May. We will make our last visit (Nepal) while they go to conference. Mission life is great and we are happy to be able to serve where ever needed.