Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhoo

While walking through the park we found many couples sitting around, a lovers lane so to say.The couple in the yellow hats actually jumped up and were embarrassed to have their picture taken, they smiled, giggled a bit and we went on our way. The park was full of animals and kiddy rides so I'm sure most of the families had already gone home, this one little girl was willing to smile for us. The one picture is the barbershop, they just sat up with their mirror along the park and went to work.

A walk in Hanoi

Some pictures of the Park, it was splendid!

Animals for Dallin

Not exactly the animals he wanted cause they are not in the wild but across the street from our hotel was a big beautiful park. These are some of the animals in the park.

Good Morning Vietnam

Actually it is good afternoon Vietnam. We arrived in Hanoi to traffic with no rules, honking horns for no particular reason and a beautiful landscape beyond anything we have seen to date. If you look closely at a couple of these pictures tell me which way the traffic is going? You can see women riding side saddle and others with a mop. They carry everything on a bike imaginable including a palm tree.

Friday, August 27, 2010

She's like a " rock star"

We had the great opportunity of having Sister Dalton visit Hong Kong and speak at a couple of meetings. Our Area President, Pres. Perkins had just traveled with her into Taiwan,Cambodia, Thailand and then Hong Kong, He said that it was like travelling with a rock star because the girls all loved her and wanted to meet her, hug her and be near her. They both spoke and gave great talks.

Island 2 Branch

HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FROM OUR BRANCH. Our Branch President and his wife, the Relief Society Presidency, Our Home teaching group, and some pictures from an activity. The sisters love to get together and sing or perform and love to have their picture taken. You get out a camera and they all come running,it is a crack up, Leslie Shaughnessy would be in her glory with so many willing subjects.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Still alive after Violet Trail

We went hiking this morning with Sister Perkins and just had a wonderful time. It was up and over a mountain and around and back. There were a few big reservoirs with water catchments running all along the mountains that has several waterfalls flowing into them. These catch all the water as it comes down the mountain and then they detain it in the reservoirs before it can flow back to the ocean, thus yummy drinking water!! We went on all kinds of terrain, some very rocky steep paths, several thousand stairs, meandering paths and then a nice paved trail all along the water catchment. It was about 6 miles total and absolutely beautiful.

Brother Thunder

Last night we served in the Hong Kong Temple. Every week seems to be a new adventure.During the evening we had 20 Cambodia's attending for their first time. Wonderful people who only leave when the building closes. Kelly said at points where you need to speak with someone, one person is speaking English, Thai, Cambodia, Mandarin and Cantonese all at the same time. It is amazing how all this fits and works. We also had numerous people from mainland China attending. This occurs almost every week.

Now you should be wondering what is with the title, "Brother Thunder". While working with baptisms I had a name that when translated means, "thunder". He was born 2716 BC. I would love to find the rock where that was written. Amazing to see how they come with their records in hand.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A day of Markets

Saturday was P day and we were in Hong Kong so we decided to go on one of the walking tours. I felt like I should have been singing the Pioneer song "they walked and walked and walked". We first headed to the flower market which was FANTASTIC, every flower imaginable. The bird market was next with all kinds of birds but too many crammed in each cage for me. The goldfish market was a little to stinky. We by passed the women's market as I had already been there and Peter had no interest (surprise, surprise). We walked along Shang Hai street,one of the oldest streets to the jade market which was EXCELLENT. We went into an old Buddhist temple that was near by and then jumped the train back home. My feet were aching.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do you Recognize this Elder?

Since our arrival we have been serving in the "Island 2nd Branch". About 200 Filipino Sisters attend this branch. About 1/2 of them have joined the church in the last 5 years while living in Hong Kong. Elder Ngai who is from the Parkland Stake, has been serving here the entire time we have been here. He is an excellent missionary. His spirit and testimony is evident by just looking at his face. So this is what every Elder would like to be doing the last Sunday of his mission. He baptized our newest branch member. President Carter if you read this before his arrival home on Friday, let Mom and Dad know that their son was everything a missionary should and could be in the field. His last companion is Elder Plumb also a great young man.

This is just about exactly 31 years ago that I left Japan and headed to the Philippines to see my parents. As I told this young Elder, I feel so blessed since that day that I departed from my mission. He will make a fine husband, church leader and employee. All would be lucky to find a connection to him.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kelly uses the "Gross" word

Couple of simple updates:
  1. Everyday we begin our trek to the office by a ride in our apartment elevator. A sheet states the weather report for the day. If they call it hot the low is 28 and the high is 33 degrees, always with 75-95% humidity. A moderate day is a low of 27 and a high of 31 or 32 degrees. A cooler temperature is as low of 26 and a high of 30 or 31 degrees. I took this photo of myself after a run up Bowen road yesterday(Not my best side). The measuring cup is what I squeezed out of my shirt after the run (1/3 cup). With humidity I am 100% drenched after a run.
  2. Now take a look at those loaves of bread. After my 4th attempt I think I am ready to share my new found skill with others.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The only Branch in Laos

Here are some pictures of some people in the Branch. The branch President who joined the church after a few years of being the missionary's driver and interpreter. The two missionary couples that serve here in Laos and the Relief Society. The young couple are the first couple from Laos going to be married in the temple. They both have scholarships to BYU Hawaii and are going to be married before they start school in the fall. They both speak excellent english and were our interpreters while we spoke and tried to communicate

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Laos Members are Wonderful!

Today was fast Sunday in the Laos Branch. We used a tuk tuk to drive us to church. The driver is there to pick us up to leave for church and returns to pick us up from our meetings. There is about 180 members in Laos with about 85 attend. They are well represented by all groups, the salt of earth older members, the returned missionaries that represent the future and the children. They meet in this renovated home with beautiful gardens. We were very impressed with the strength of their testimonies. If you wanted to hear a testimony the way the handbook states, come to Laos. As you can see the young child knows how to leave her mouth open like Elder Sackley.