Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do you Recognize this Elder?

Since our arrival we have been serving in the "Island 2nd Branch". About 200 Filipino Sisters attend this branch. About 1/2 of them have joined the church in the last 5 years while living in Hong Kong. Elder Ngai who is from the Parkland Stake, has been serving here the entire time we have been here. He is an excellent missionary. His spirit and testimony is evident by just looking at his face. So this is what every Elder would like to be doing the last Sunday of his mission. He baptized our newest branch member. President Carter if you read this before his arrival home on Friday, let Mom and Dad know that their son was everything a missionary should and could be in the field. His last companion is Elder Plumb also a great young man.

This is just about exactly 31 years ago that I left Japan and headed to the Philippines to see my parents. As I told this young Elder, I feel so blessed since that day that I departed from my mission. He will make a fine husband, church leader and employee. All would be lucky to find a connection to him.

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