Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kowloon Walled City Park

It is a beautiful park and hard to imagine it was a big slum right in the middle of the city. Some of the seniors that were here on their missions said that they were not to enter in that area at all, apparently it was bad. Beatiful park, beautiful weather, relaxing P-day!!!

Mid Autumn Festival

We had a Senior Missionary FHE at Elder & Sister Gongs apartment to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. We all brought lanterns and had to go out and look at the moon, a tradition of this holiday. This is when the moon is full and round, so the Chinese gather their family around a table and spend time together. They believe the full, round, light of the moon kind of represents the family.

Our Fancy New Home

We moved a couple of months ago from a small, old centrally located apartment to a small, newer but further from the office apartment. We still only have about 600 square feet but it is newer, quiet and cleaner. We love it and have adjusted to riding the bus everyday.

Hong Kong Disneyland

We had a great time helping with the Asia Area Mission Presidents Seminar. The Area Presidency felt like they needed a break so we took them to DISNEYLAND- you have to relax and have fun there!!!