Monday, April 25, 2011

Ocean Park

Our Senior outing was to Ocean Park. We rode the gondola over to the far side of the park where we rode the roller coaster, and "log ride",and watched the dolphin show. We rode the train back and went to see the pandas and the aquarium. The panda was kind of disappointing as it is the only one out and it was sound asleep. The park itself was beautiful and well done but would have been a lot more fun with the grandkids!!

Sheung Yiu Flok Museum & Sai Kung Fishing Village

Our adventure started out getting off at the wrong bus stop. As we exited the bus there was a Brahma Bull standing there grazing on the grass at the edge of the sidewalk. We had to flag a cab as it was a holiday and buses were kind of slow. We first went to this little Hakka Village Museum that was in this beautiful secluded little bay. We then caught a bus over to the fishing village, we did not purchase anything all though there were all kinds of options. It was a nice day and good to be out with the Linfords who go home in two weeks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The View from the Fort

This is looking out over Macau from the old fort. I thought the building was cool and the tree that was flowering was fabulous.


Macau is an island about an hour away by hydrafoil. We rode over in the morning, cleared customs, its like if you are coming into Hong Kong from China you have to clear customs. Don't you love this sidewalk. The old building is St Pauls church. We looked around enjoyed the sites and then went to a show that night.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Members and Missionaries

This is my Nepally nativity scene hand carved by a man that has a few wives to support. Then some pictures from the branch. The return missionary that spoke and the branch president that baptised his son and neice. Three great sister return missionaries looking for some funding to go to school!
This picture is of the church. It is a leased building with no name on the front as the church is not recognised in Nepal.
The last two houses are where the senior missionary couples live. They are big, older homes that they rent for about 400 American a month. At that bargain price theycan afford to pay the 400$ a month for a gardner, maid and guard. Toughin it out in Nepal!

Shopping and Dinner inTamil

We had a good dinner at this restaurant, it was by candlelight as the power turns on for a few hours and then turns off.In the dry season because the electricity is run by hydro power it is on a schedule and you only have it for a few hours a day. The shopping was fun with a variety of products which seemed to look like they were from India.

Sightseeing Town Central-Durbar Square

Durbar square is a tourist attraction with old buildings dating back to the 16th century. It is a poor country thou so it is really left in its old natural state, nothing really cleaned or maintained very well. In one picture you will notice all the pigeons, this is because they feed them because they believe then their babies will not cry.