Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas Without Grandkids

The streets were crowded and the grocery store busy, things you experience when you are grocery shopping on Christmas day. Many wonderful lights and a orchestra playing in the cable car, did help with the spirit. Not to mention the large Christmas tree we put up in our apartment! Christmas was different without family but modern day technology did make it possible for us to watch the grandkids open gifts over skype, not quite the same as being there but very enjoyable non the less. All in all it was a Merry Christmas.

A Christmas Roadshow

The program the sisters put on Christmas Day was full of singing dancing and games. We were together for several hours as they love to be with each other and are really just a large young womens association.

Hong Kong Park

This very large beautiful park is almost hidden in Hong Kong. The park is wonderful and chance to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city in the city!!

Hong Kong Park Avery

It has been said, "that nothing is free in Waikiki". In Hong Kong there are many things you can do that are free. Today we spent a few hours in the Hong Kong Park Avery. This very large bird cage was filled with a variety of birds, plants and waterfalls. These bright colored birds were highly entertaining as they would fly some 3 feet above the people visiting the park as if they were playing a game.

For Those That Love Buildings

Today we decided to traveled to Hong Kong Park on the "ding ding". These street cars come every few minutes and cost a whole $2.00 HKD ($.25 USD)to ride as long as you want. The architecture in HK really is amazing. The one building called the "Lippo" building was designed by an Australian who wanted a building that looked like a koala bear was attached to the side of it. No matter where you look their are fascinating buildings. The Christmas tree is in Pacific Place. It was spectacular.

Friday, December 24, 2010

"The Office"

I was on the "making the decorations" committee and was also in charge of games for the office Christmas Party. You will see the snowflake decorations hanging on the walls in various pictures, I am now a professional snowflake maker!

We played "King or Queen of the Party" where you tied a balloon around your ankle and then tried to stomp on everyone else's. Leanna was crowned Queen. The other game was unwrap the present when the music stops, we passed three presents around, I had spent about 5 hours wrapping the gifts. The games seemed to go over well and everyone had fun either watching or participating.

Temple Christmas Party

The first picture is the crowd at the MTR(train station)on our way over to the temple. This is pretty typical of the crowds in and around the stations.

This is President and Sister Aki. President Wilson is the one with the camera, he had given a fireside a few weeks ago on the Spitzer Telescope,he used to work for NASA, his presentation was very fascinating.

The Bishops serve in the temple and Sister Wilson and I have become friends, We hit it off the first day we met.