Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mt. Merapi Burps Again

Mt. Merapi is located between Solo and Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It is apparently the most active volcano in the world. The major part of the volcano burp went off 5 weeks ago. While some homes were destroyed by the hot gas that fried everything in its wake, the majority of the damage was caused by the ash that covers the trees and plants. The hills are covered with this spiky bush that grows a fruit that has a skin that looks like a snakes skin. It tastes not bad as well. With the huge amount of rain and the tropical climate it won't take long to fix the problem until the next burp.
The Church played a significant role in the relief of the suffering from this disaster. The project was completed by members of the church working side by side with the community to distribute food and basic necessities to the refugees of the mountain.

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