Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indonesian Clean Water - Checking out the Source

One of the major initiatives we are involved in are "clean water" projects. It comes in a variety of types and methods. For example, in Cambodia we have constructed a floating barge that sucks water out of a filthy river, filters it and allows people to pull up in a boat and get all the clean water they need. In Mongolia we create what are called "dump stations". The name sounds like garbage but to the people we dump water into tanks that then provide clean water to the local community. In Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam we drill holes into the earth, case the hole and filter the water as it is provided to the people.

On one of our days we traveled from Solo, Indonesia into the hills to an area that houses thousands of these communities that have no water. Every morning a women walks many miles with empty buckets on the way up and full water buckets straddled on her shoulders on the way down full of the daily water for the family. I find in most Asian countries the hard labor is completed by the women.

We hiked for about an hour and a half through beautiful green fields to the source of the water. At this location we create a capture system with a 4 inch pipe that runs down the hill with a system to control pressure and ensure purity. As you can see they use every bit of land by terracing the hills.

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