Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marriott in Jakarta

The Marriott in Jakarta is a beautiful Hotel.... once you get inside. You drive into the first area where your car is searched, I mean searched. There are about 5 people (one with a machine gun) that sweep the outside,underside and inside of your car. They have the mirror on a long stick and look all under your car plus there are dogs that sniff all around. Once you pass this you drive to the next gate where you are stopped. You exit the car and enter an outside area where your luggage and all your belongings are scanned and searched, you also have to walk through a metal detector. You are then free to walk up the entrance way into the hotel passing one more guard with a machine gun. Sorry I was too scared to take a picture of him!. Once inside it is a beautiful hotel and was all decorated for Christmas. You may have heard of this hotel in the news, all the security is for good reason they have been bombed twice!!

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