Monday, April 25, 2011

Ocean Park

Our Senior outing was to Ocean Park. We rode the gondola over to the far side of the park where we rode the roller coaster, and "log ride",and watched the dolphin show. We rode the train back and went to see the pandas and the aquarium. The panda was kind of disappointing as it is the only one out and it was sound asleep. The park itself was beautiful and well done but would have been a lot more fun with the grandkids!!

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  1. Hello Bro & Sis Sackley,

    My sister, Marissa Stone, gave me your blog info. Looks like you're having amazing adventures in Asia!!

    My family (my husband and I, 4 kids, and my mom) are all traveling to Hong Kong this summer so my husband, Scott, can attend a Duke Law summer institute there. We are very excited!!! However we haven't found a place to live. I've heard there are many families who travel back to the States for the summer. I was wondering if you know of any and could put me in contact with them so I could ask about renting their house/apartment. Or if you have any other leads. We need something that is fully furnished with 3 bedrooms and preferably on Hong Kong island with access to a swimming pool. We will be arriving June 29th and leaving August 4th.

    Thanks so much!

    Lindsay Bratsman
    lindsay (@)