Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kelly uses the "Gross" word

Couple of simple updates:
  1. Everyday we begin our trek to the office by a ride in our apartment elevator. A sheet states the weather report for the day. If they call it hot the low is 28 and the high is 33 degrees, always with 75-95% humidity. A moderate day is a low of 27 and a high of 31 or 32 degrees. A cooler temperature is as low of 26 and a high of 30 or 31 degrees. I took this photo of myself after a run up Bowen road yesterday(Not my best side). The measuring cup is what I squeezed out of my shirt after the run (1/3 cup). With humidity I am 100% drenched after a run.
  2. Now take a look at those loaves of bread. After my 4th attempt I think I am ready to share my new found skill with others.

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