Friday, October 29, 2010

Malaysia - A Wonderful place to Serve

We spent the last week in Malaysia. As we began the trip by leaving HK in class. We were given "business class seats" on Cathey Pacific. No you may think you have spent time in business class but nothing like this. Asia provides service on airlines the way it was done 20 years ago in North America. Kelly is stretched out ready for a nap and 100% service.

After a wonderful 3.5 hour trip we arrived in Penang, West Malaysia. This is a small island across the bay from Butterworth where our couple resides, the Johnson's. Our main purpose to travel is to train new couples. The Johnson's arrived a month ago. Malaysia is a very green and civilized compared to other countries we have traveled. Sunday morning we are off to church via the ferry. That is Elder Johnson who came to pick us up.

As you can see by the landscape it is really beautiful. The one down side is the beaches are not close to the cities and even if they were I am not sure I would be jumping in too quickly. You will also see the rich and the poor areas side by side.

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