Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Chinese New Year is a much bigger deal here than Christmas.We thought when they said Kung Hei Fat Choi that it meant Happy New Year but interpreted correctly it mean "wish you prosperity". Everything about new year has to do with good luck and money. It is the year of the rabbit so I have seen more bunny stuff than I would see at Easter at home. Flowers, blooming trees. orange trees are a big part just like how we have Christmas trees and a tree lot they have orange trees and they sell them on a lot. Flower stands are everywhere and you see people buying all kinds of flowers. They even have a version of Santa who hands out red envelopes, they call them pockets, with money in them. How much money depends how well you know the person, how much you like them and how much you have to give. These pockets are generally given from the senior people to those younger than them.

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