Saturday, July 30, 2011

Temple of Heaven - Beijing

During the month of July the Area Presidency return to the USA for home leave. It allowed us some time to complete some of the responsibilities of the welfare couple. We traveled to Ho Chi Men to train Elder and Sister Blinn and Mongolia to train the Richardson's. The only way to get to Mongolia was via Beijing or Korea. We choose China. We had about 15 hours to see a couple of sites in the city. Elder and Sister Crook acted as tour guides at the "The Temple of Heaven". This was created by an Emperor which allowed him to perform animal sacrifices in pursuit of heaven.
Notice the similarities to what we believe. Notice the use of "threes". Everything counted in threes. You will also the reference to a white God.

As you can see Kelly stands in the center of this large area on a large round stone, faces east and her voice will be seven times louder. It didn't work for her.

Sun, moon and stars comes to mind.

In this area the round wall would create an echo that would allow one's voice to carry around the entire courtyard.

Upon further discussion with Elder and Sister Crook we found that they entered mission presidents training the same year my parents were headed for the Philippines. It is a small world.

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