Wednesday, June 30, 2010

200 Up and 500 Down

Before coming to Hong Kong, I wondered if there was enough space that I wouldn't be tripping over people to get in an early morning run. This idea of people everywhere I found isn't really true. Now if I had to deal with rush hour then maybe but I find that New York is a good comparator to Hong Kong. We now have 3 routes to run. i thought you might enjoy coming on a run with Kel and I. Its called Bowen road. Let me give you a brief geographic location on where this is. We live on the island of Hong Kong. When ever you see the ocean, it is the water between Hong Kong and Kowloon(that is where the temple is located). That is North from where we are. To the south we have these very green hills. If you go over the hills you will come to the beaches that face the pacific ocean. The run is half way up those hills and then we run across a path that is built through a beautiful jungle. I will need to add pictures as we go along. The first part is a gradual up hill along Kennedy Road. Note the trees and the lack of people. This run was between 6:00 and 7:00 AM. For my sister Jen you would have found this a steep run up. Now the fun really begins. You con to "Mothers Choice" - 200 stairs plus ramps straight up. Note the little plant growing out of a rock.

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