Friday, June 25, 2010

Time to Get back to Work

So I think we are beyond the days of "fun" and have begun to get more yoked in the work. During this past week we were involved in getting approval the following projects that I thought you mind find interesting to both learn what we do and understand how much the church is doing in these countries. Realize the is only week. This goes on every week from what I can see.

The first project had 2 steps. We helped to setup a sewing training center in Nepal for disabled women. We provide materials, machines ,other equipment and transportation as needed for the women to be trained.

There were two projects in Indonesia. One was the repair of a health center and the second was the repair/reconstruct five sanitation facilities. They setup these units where they clean themselves, clothes and get water for daily living.

We are also providing funding for a group of MDs in northern Indonesia to preform 150 cataract surgeries for the poorest of the poor. We spend about $47 per person to have the surgery completed.

These photos are pictures of a water project in Indonesia. You will see they build the concrete tanks to hold the water and pipelines to bring water to and from the holding area. The church mainly focuses on wheelchairs, water, vision and neonatal resuscitation training but you can see we do many other kinds of things. I am entering this today because I also have a calling in the branch. The branch president is away for the month and he was speaking with his wife on Sundays. So guess who is filling in. Tomorrow are should also get our assignment in the temple. It is great to be used in the gospel. We have been treated like gold since we arrived. Everyone has been so very kind and helpful.

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