Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wights and Other Friends

We even ran into relatives. Mother identified that the Wights (pronounced Whites) were heading to Australia and we should meet them. I think they we are 2nd cousins. Typical of our relatives, wonderful people.
The two Sisters are headed to Vancouver to work in the employment center. They have an interesting story. Sisters Spencer and Langford both are widowed and both wanted to serve a mission as they had commented to do with their husbands. So in went the papers. When they arrived at the MTC to be companions they remembered that they had been friends many years ago while living in Utah. Vancouver will be blessed by these terrific sisters.

The Richardson's are headed to South Africa to do what we do but for all of the southern countries of Afica. The Burr's (If you speak to Elder Burr you would think you were speaking to Brent Burr.) are headed to the Ukraine. Odd enough Sister Burr's first name is Bev.
The other photo is us with the Neilson's in Taiwan.

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