Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Architecture of Ho Chi Minh

I have a good friend that loves buildings. So yesterday I took pictures of buildings in Ho Chi Minh. To understand the architecture you need to understand the history. For 100 years South Vietnam was occupied by the French. As the USA joined forces with the South Vietnam group in the 1960's they kicked out the French. If you look at these buildings you can clearly see the French influence. The first building was the headquarters for the government in the war. You may recall that the tanks rolled over the gates and the South Vietnam leader said to the North leader, "I turn over the country to you". The North leader responded, "It isn't yours to give". The other buildings are the post office, a catholic church that had glass windows until they were destroyed in the war and the new 66 story skyscraper that has a helicopter pad on the side. There are new tall building popping up all over the city. Ho Chi Minh has 10 million people.

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