Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fire Dragon Dance

We had a most pleasant night out with some of our favorite people the Linford's. We attended the local Moon festival that includes a 120 year old tradition called the fire dragon dance.
It probably took about an hour for them to get the dragon all lit. It was smoky and smelly as it is all incense sticks that they stick on this long dragon like thing. It took about 15 people to hold it up and dance through the streets with it.

This would probably not be allowed in Canada or the US as they send this smoking, hot dragon running and dancing down narrow streets full of spectators. They actually have like bouncers that run beside and when they get to close to the spectators they just kind of push them back into the road.
It was an interesting event one of which included sore eyes and a sore throat from all the smoke!

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