Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Mushroom Project

Just to give a glimpse into the work we are involved in. This project is located just outside of Hanoi. There are 16 communes of about 5000 people in each, that live on about $20 USD per family per month. In working with partners, we are creating a series of mushroom growing operations that will allow 3 of these communities to increase their family income to about $100 USD per month. Not much but five times what they are generating today. In this kick off meetings the room was filled with the community. Speeches were given by church, government and local community leaders. They will be trained by farming specialists from the Hanoi University how to grow and maintain the operation. Equipment will be purchased and structures will be built to make this happen. All physical work will be completed by the community people. We provide the resources along with a partner NGO.

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