Friday, September 24, 2010

The Every Day Branch

Sorry no pictures only talking. We had an interesting experience last week as we were asked to speak in the everyday branch. So let me try to explain. They have a lot of domestic workers that work in Hong Kong, mainly Filipino. They work for next to nothing and their employers only give them one day off a week, they don't really have a say when that day is. So to try and allow them to attend church on their day off they have two senior missionary couples run church every day. Church starts at 1:00 with sunday school, 2:00 is relief society, and 3:00 is Sacrament meeting. So you go to church tuesday through saturday and give the same talk everyday because it is always different people there. Peter chose to give different talks each day, I did not. It was interesting to take the sacrament every day and spend that time reflecting on the Savior in a meaningful way everyday. I think my talk was almost perfected by the last day!!

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