Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brother and Sister Arvind Gosika

Last night (Friday) was our first assigned night at the temple. We had very few attending so I was asked to act as an escort or for those that haven't been to the temple, a helper for someone going the first time. Let me give you a bit of background. On Thursday Brother and Sister Gosika were married in India. They arrived the next day after traveling 9 hours (2:00 PM arrival)by plane to attend the temple for the first time. We went through the 7:00 PM session. I asked him if he was tired and his response was "we wanted to be at the temple as soon as possible". Following the session I was honored to act as a witness as the 3 of us witnessed the sealing of this new family. Something that was told to me by a co-worker in Canada (Alison)I found true. When a person from India agrees with you they node their head from side to side vs. up and down. What delightful couple. They live in the building across the street which will be dedicated tomorrow which I already have shown you the photos in a previous Blog. They will spend the next 7 days at the temple as much as possible and then return to India. He is a recent convert to the church while her family are all members of the church. They are from Hyderabad which Elder Perkins states will be the first stake in India. They need about 100 more baptisms before this will occur. I can't wait to be more involved in India.
On a side note my training a the temple included a role where I spoke in English and the other person responds in Catonese. Nothing like jumping right in.

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