Sunday, July 11, 2010

Transportation in Bangkok

In Hong Kong everything is done on train or bus. These are the best trains and buses I have ever been in. When we left to go to the airport we caught a cab for a 10 minute ride to the central station and then we caught the "Airport Express". So at a station in the middle of the city you do a complete check in for your flight, including they take your luggage. Then you take a 1st class train for a 30 minute ride to the airport. The next time we saw our bags was on the belt in Bangkok.
Bangkok lives on the roads. Taxi to everywhere. The trains or buses are non air conditioned and really aren't used. Notice the "intelligent taxi". So lets review the word. They make a 3 lane road a 5 lane road. Signal lights not and lets just say Peter enjoyed the ride more than Kel. They also have their version of a Philippine Jeepney. A motorcycle with a back covered area that you have to almost lay down to fit into.
They also use a motorcycle to the greatest extent humanly possible. Notice the bike in the middle with the "human car seat" and a bag of something on the front of the bike. The bikes break all laws. They weave in and out, drive on sidewalks to avoid traffic and go where ever they can fit. I notice Adam Parker has joined the bog as a follower. So Bonnie, remind Adam this isn't recommended in Calgary. Don't get any ideas.

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