Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Romantic Boat Ride in Bangkok

For $1000 (local currency)you can get a ride down the canals of Bangkok. As you travel along you can see a temple behind every home or bush. There are a huge number of temples scattered across the land. As you can see kids swim in the water (not the cleanest) and people seem happy. It is true that people are happy no matter where they live and what they have as far as wealth. As you can see there are homes that are ready to fall and should fall into the water while others reflect greater wealth. A mission couple lives on about $1200/month here so overall things are less expensive. Someone was a good salesman on satellite dishes. Notice the beautiful flowers. Dallin we saw this reptile in the water that was about 6 feet long and not an alligator or crocodile swimming in the water. I was too slow on the camera to get a shot.

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