Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is a picture that hangs in the lobby of the Area office building. I have enjoyed it from the first day we arrived for a couple of reasons, Christ is smiling (in honor of mom Sackley) and the children are oriental. We were speaking with Elder Watson in his office one day and he had the same print in a smaller size hanging in his office, when I mentioned that I liked the one hanging in the lobby. So he told us the story of the picture; He (Elder Watson) has spent a lot of time in China and happens to have Del Parsons as his neighbor. He told him what he wanted and so Del painted him the picture. He wanted a resurrected Christ, thus the red robes. He wanted children from this time period so they have modern clothes on, and the hills in the background. So the picture hanging in the lobby is the original and it is beautiful!

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