Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laos Project to Repair the School Roof

This school holds about 300 elementary school children. Last spring a huge storm came and ripped the roof off half of the buildings. The church which operates in Laos under the name DIC (Deseret International Charities) has paid for the material to repair the roof and also constructed the sanitation facility (white brick building) with a supporting water well and storage tank to provide water pressure. The local chief who was working on the building the day we visited and the village provide the labor.

Now take a close look at the building and you will see that it is very simple. Notice the older row building by the sanitation building, that is the remaining building that didn't sustain damage. The covered open building is the school lunch room.

You may be thinking these poor people. While a true statement from a money point of view a very untrue statement in reality. I don't think I have met a happier more content people. I asked a teenager who was cleaning dishes with her family today "what do you do for fun?" While she understood the language she didn't understand the question. Fun for them is working together as a family to deal with the daily needs of life. Again I ask my favorite question, "is it a blessing to be rich or a curse?"

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