Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have you ever played the Siam Game

Here are a few of the faces of Bangkok. So Kelly and I will spend her 50th on a Sunday in the city of Bangkok. We are here training one of newer couples. Yes they have been here for 2 months and yes we are training them. As teenagers Kel and I played this game with reference to the term "va ta na Siam". So we are in a taxi and the driver uses the term "va ta na ta". So I haven't figured out what it means but maybe it is really a word.
As you can see we had a P-day checking out the sites. The first site is called the "Grand Palace (Emerald Buddha)". We can't show you pictures of the Buddha as it was not allowed. You removed your shoes to enter the temple and remained quietly sitting while inside. Thailand seems to be all about the color gold. Their temples are covered in golden tiles or glass. These temples are spectacular. You will also notice the young artist that is repairing the art work. All Buddha's are different but they all reference the word "calm". Some calm the water/weather or every other element in the world. In Hong Kong English is commonly used and will get you anything you want. Not in Thailand. Even something as simple as asking a cab driver to take you somewhere.

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