Saturday, July 31, 2010

Needed Help

We went to the office of the company that makes and distributes the wheelchairs that the church pays for. They are made in this little warehouse like area and all the chairs are made by handicapped people. We then went next door to tour the COPE operation. This is a company that makes prosthetic limbs. When the US and Vietnam were at war Laos got bombed very heavily. Laos neighbors Vietnam and apparently the Vietnamese would some how come through Laos to fight so the US bombed Laos every 8 seconds for 8 years. The hanging balls that you see in the picture are what is inside a cluster bomb, there are thousands of these little bombs in the fields here that had not exploded on contact and so when these poor people dig in there fields or send the children out looking for scrap metal these old bombs blow up, thus the need for prosthetics.

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